Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sterfish Shares: [eM]: "Day At The Academy"

For all the pretty well-known music I listen to, there is a bunch of stuff that I just randomly find and enjoy. With that, I am introducing Sterfish Shares, a (hopefully) weekly post where I share some of the more obscure songs that caught my ear.

The first song I am sharing is one that I found on a site I frequent called Be Your True Mind. It was playing on the web radio available there and I really liked it. The song is from the soundtrack to the Xbox 360 RPG Enchanted Arms (aka eNCHANT arM). I love the way it combines peaceful-sounding elements with a good beat. Thanks to Kei, the person behind BYTM, for exposing me to this cool song. Check it out:

[eM]: "Day At The Academy" from the eNCHANT arM Original Soundtrack

The site I mentioned above also has the soundtrack available for download (at least for now). It has a ton of great images from anime and video games that you can request as well as some very cool video and audio downloads. Go visit Kei's site when you have the chance.

Next time, I'll share some rare Yoko Kanno tracks from albums never released in America.

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