Thursday, September 28, 2006


It seems like every time I have an extended period of work, I lose all motivation to blog. I just ended a stretch of eight consecutive days of work. I got screwed over because my off days were in the beginning of the week last week and at the end of the week this week. The OutKast review only got posted because most of it was already finished earlier.

That eight day stretch has left me with a large backlog of stuff to do for the blog. My head will be spinning after I finish the large amount of music reviews I want/need to do. They include Justin Timberlake, Lupe Fiasco, Beyonce, Sleepy Brown, DJ Shadow, Ludacris, J. Dilla, and possibly Basement Jaxx and Fergie. I've wanted to do posts on various things such as Aaron McGruder deciding not to return to The Boondocks comic strip but I haven't had the energy to do so.

I haven't even felt the need to tackle TV in-depth, so I'll summarize: I like Studio 60, Help Me Help You, and Heroes so far. I'll need another episode to see if I actually like Six Degrees and I don't really care for Brothers and Sisters. Prison Break is a lot of fun in Season 2 even if it's convoluted. My Name Is Earl and The Office are still two of the funniest shows on television. I miss Scrubs.

I need to immerse myself in TV, music, and anime. When I come up for air, there will be a new post.

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