Wednesday, August 23, 2006

About A Certain Challenge...

About this time last year, I attempted something bold for watch the first episode of every new primetime network TV show. Unfortunately, after about a couple of weeks, I gave up seeing as it was becoming difficult to be able to see and watch all those shows. Now, with FOX's early season starting this past Monday, you might be wondering whether or not I will attempt the New TV Show Review Challenge again. The answer is...not this year.

It would take a mountain of VCRs and a TiVo or two for a normal person to attempt something like that. TV critics usually get screeners, so they can easily check out new shows. I don't have that luxury so I am going to do what most people already do...skip any show that looks like it's bad. That being said, there are some shows I'm really looking forward to (Heroes, Studio 60), some that I will watch out of sheer curiosity (The Nine, Six Degrees), and some that I am only looking at because I like the people in them (30 Rock, Twenty Good Years, Ugly Betty). I will probably review a ton of new shows that are premiering this season but I am not going to make an empty promise to look at all the new shows.

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