Monday, July 24, 2006

Old-School Cartoon Network

While I don't hate the current Cartoon Network (or CN) as much as others do, I still miss a lot of of the “old-school” Cartoon Network stuff. One of the things I really miss are the interstitials that used to air between programs.

I always enjoyed the creative short films featuring established classic and Cartoon Network characters. Two types of these interstitials always stuck out: Shorties and Groovies. Shorties were just fun short films while Groovies were essentially little music videos. Now, here are some of my favorite ones from YouTube.

First up is “Pork Jam,” a fun Porky Pig remix:

Here's a great one that has Josie And The Pussycats going through multiple musical genres (and animation styles):

This next one features Atom Ant and has some really interesting animation:

If you've ever wondered what JabberJaw would be like now, check out this one:

This is a cool Marvin The Martian music video:

Next, a modern update of Pixie & Dixie by one of the people who would later do Harvey Birdman:

Elmer, Bugs, and Daffy get remixed in this one:

Finally, rock out Live At Jellystone with “Yogi Bear” by High School Jim:

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