Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Very Brief Movie Thought

I recently watched Usher's film In The Mix and it was terrible. It wasn't quite Big Momma's House 2 terrible but boy was it bad. What really annoyed me more than anything were the stereotypes. The Italians in the film constantly ate pasta and they were mobsters. Usher's character was just another version of the "player" with a heart of gold. Then, there was the mobster's son who was basically a "whigger," the annoying comic relief, and the racist Italian who kept calling Usher's character an Italian slur for black people. Also, there were a couple of cringeworthy conversations about the differences between Italian-Americans and African-Americans. Can you believe that one such conversation compared grits to polenta? If there is one thing that Italians and blacks can really agree on, it is that In The Mix does a disservice to both races. Even if you're an Usher fangirl, you best avoid this movie.

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