Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Digital Pics: More Flowers

Here are some pics I took on the day of my father's college graduation.

First up, here is a pic of the flowers that were outside of the restaurant where we all ate at after the graduation:

Here's a picture of the sign of the restaurant:

Now, here are a couple of pictures of the other flowers we have at our home. The pictures are of a rose bush that grows on the fence right next to the house.

The first picture shows multiple flowers:

The next picture is my first attempt at a good up-close picture of something:

I took one more picture of the bush that day but it's blurry so I won't be posting it.

I hope you enjoyed this Random Digital Pics installment. I hope to eventually post some pictures of stuff other than cereal boxes and flowers.

Update: Now you can view the full-size versions of all the pics I've posted in my Random Digital Pics posts online. Visit my brand-new Picasa Web Album at

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