Thursday, June 29, 2006

BC Editors' Pick And More

My recent review of the Disney Channel Original Movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior has been named a Blogcritics Editors' Pick! This is the fifth time I've received this honor in the little over a year I've been a member. Check out the sidebar for links to the other posts that got recognition.

Also, check out A lot of my older music reviews including Gorillaz's Demon Days, Missy's The Cookbook, and RJD2's albums Deadringer and Since We Last Spoke have been posted. Plus, there are a lot of great hip-hop reviews and news from other writers. Thanks to Fivefold for showing interest in my reviews and running a good site.

As for upcoming posts, look for a blog exclusive review of X-Men: The Last Stand, a review of the new DVD re-release of the Oh! My Goddess OVA series, my thoughts on the "modern" Looney Tunes recently posted on some animation blogs, some thoughts on various fansubbed animes, another installment of Sterfish's Personal Mixes, and hopefully, another installment of The Yoko Kanno Reviews. Be warned that there also might be a job rant coming soon.

If you think I've forgotten about attempting a podcast, well you'd be wrong. There isn't really a timetable, but I think I will finally start work on it in the next week or two. It's mostly a matter of whether or not I want to just do an audio version of this blog or something else entirely.

Finally, although I rarely write about sports stuff, I must say this...the Bulls did a hell of a job on Draft Day. I can't wait to see what they'll do when the free agent market starts.

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