Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When Bad Hip-Hop Puns And News Stories Collide

On Tuesday, NBC 5 Chicago did a story on how listening to music at high volumes on iPods and other devices can make your hearing worse. This was one of those "special" reports that you usually see during sweeps. The story itself was unremarkable but what got me was the tagline:

Deaf Jams

I wish I had a link that featured that unbelievable title, but no link to the story is up on NBC 5's website yet. It's definitely a catchy and appopriate title (listening to your favorite "jams" could be making you deaf...) but I have to wonder if anyone realized the references the title makes. There's the old-school hip-hop lingo of calling something a "Def Jam" as well as the behemoth of a record label called Def Jam that's still very big in the rap game. Is this title an example of the typically hip-hop ignorant news media, a pitiful attempt to seem current, or a clear attempt to grab younger viewers by referencing one of the largest (if not the largest) and most influential hip-hop labels in the game?

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