Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Upcoming Projects

I have a few projects I want to tackle over the next few months that I have mentioned before on this blog. Here's a status update of sorts:

The Creative Writing Blog Relaunch: Nothing happening yet. I am considering changing the format a little bit to include blog posts about writing (in addition to my actual creative writing). That would give me some flexibility since it may be close to impossible for me to put brand new creative content on that blog on a semi-regular basis. It's sometimes a bit easier to write a post about writing something than to write the something. Also, I'm wondering if I should change the look of the blog. I like the minimalist black-on-white look it currently has, but a new look would show that it's different. I think the Spring 2006 relaunch date is still possible and I plan to put in more thought and research (templates, anyone?) in the near future.

My Podcast: Ideas are still floating around. Part of me wants to do an insane, comedic free-for-all. The other part of me wants to do something a bit safer. However, I finally plan to buy the most obvious thing I need to accomplish this…a headset. I want to look for one sometime next week and then the experimentation begins.

That Google Page: I mentioned recently that I had a site (well, really only a page) on Google Pages and that I had no idea how to utilize that space. Well, now I have ideas. I am seriously considering making it the visual cousin to my text-heavy blog. I would post pictures I've taken and other visual stuff (my old comics, perhaps?). Time will tell if this idea will come to fruition.

Creative Writing In General: I suddenly got the idea to write a series of short stories inspired by my experiences at work. I've shied away from writing stuff that's inspired by my life because I have thought, in part, that it's better to create completely original worlds. Also, I really don't want to offend friends or family with my work. I'd never hear the end of it if one of the characters I created hit a little too close to home. Since I'm envisioning these stories as comedic (for now), I plan to exaggerate, veil, combine, and eliminate enough to make them stand apart from real life while feeling like it at the same time. I haven't been this excited about a creative writing idea in a while and I really want to make the stories good. My experience in writing them could be good fodder for that relaunched creative writing blog in the future…

Blog Series: I'm talking about the various series of posts that I attempt for this blog. I'm not planning on creating any new series at the moment, as much as I have considered them. I have thought of doing things like in-depth reviews of anime/animation (similar to the wonderful posts of Jaime Weinman), playlist posts which would've been pretentiously called "My Weekly Playlist Of Life," a showcase of my favorite Blog Critics posts of the past week, and another attempt at revisiting great albums (the third after the failed "Album Of The Week" and "Lookback Music Review" series). Will any of those ever happen? Who knows?

I do plan to continue the Yoko Kanno Reviews series with reviews of Kamikaze Girls OST, Napple Tale OSTs 1 & 2, and the NHK China Special Chuugoku OST. It recently occurred to me that I have never reviewed the Macross Plus and Brain Powerd OSTs and those may (or may not) be added to the list. So even though there may be weeks between posts, this series isn't going anywhere.

I also plan to bring back the Fall Lineup Frenzy series when the new lineups are announced in May (with special attention paid to The CW's lineup). However, I will be a bit more careful and nuanced in my analysis this time around. Also, I am definitely going to try the New TV Show Review Challenge again this fall. With one less network, maybe I'll get further before quitting.

As you can see, I don't have a problem in thinking up new things to do and to try. However, the trick is to find the time and the willpower to execute these ideas. I put high expectations on myself and my blog so I hope that I won't psyche myself out if I don't necessarily live up to them.

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