Monday, April 03, 2006

In Flux

Right now, everything's sort of in flux at my job. Let me get you up to speed as to how much:

-Over the past few weeks, several people have either quit or been fired. Most of the people who were terminated earned it by not showing up to work when they were scheduled. In by far the most interesting case, one guy took a weeklong vacation and decided not to come back. They haven't heard from him since he left.

-Many of the people who left or were terminated were in my department. This means that the three of us left (me, the lead person, and someone who's been there since Christmas) have had a ton of work to do. This week is the second consecutive week that I'll be working the equivalent of full-time hours.

-If things weren't any more in flux already with the transition going on in the workforce (a lot of new people are being hired), the store manager quit. Since he was the store manager, he did not get two weeks to continue working. It's been two weeks since he quit and it will be at least another two weeks before we get a new store manager.

-A bigwig will be visiting the store within the next week. It's believed that he moved up his visit to interview the potential store manager candidates. The store is in sort of a mess because of a lack of people to do various tasks. Managers from other stores have been coming to help our store out in the meantime.

Overall, things are definitely going to be interesting at work in the next few weeks. I've been watching and hearing everything unfold. In fact, I've been inspired to write a short story (or possibly a series of short stories) inspired by the current situation. I'm still formulating ideas in my head but I envision some fun, humorous stories. I normally resist taking things from my life and writing about them in fiction but this time, I can't wait to do it.

If one good thing (apart from the sorely needed increase in my hours) comes from this period of nuttiness, it could be those stories.

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