Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Boss's Last Good Deed

I received my first annual review at work today. The new store manager read it to me but another manager actually did it. Overall, it was pretty good. In the end, though, the review said I only "met" the store's expectations.

However, the review that was read to me wasn't the one put into the company's computer system. The one put into the computer was by the previous store manager, who quit about three weeks ago. That review said that I exceeded the store's expectations.

It's that review (and not the one I saw) that determined the amount of my raise. Exceeding expectations garners you a larger raise than just "meeting" them. I'm not going to reveal how much of a raise I actually got but I will say that it's less than a dollar an hour (I'd have to be PERFECT to warrant a dollar an hour raise after one year) and that, percentage-wise, it's very good.

I never really knew if the previous store manager realized how hard I worked, but this confirms it. Even though he's not my boss anymore, my respect for him has risen a bit.

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