Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogs Of Note

-The Translating In Tokyo portion of the Anime On DVD Blog features Japanese-to-English translator Tomo Kimura talking about life as a translator. The most recent post gives some insight into why changes are made to the literal translated text. Given that translation and adaptation issues can be a source of frustration for anime and manga fans (especially fansubbers and scanlators), this post lets us see what thought goes into the process.

-One of my new favorite blogs is Candy Blog. Even though I definitely have a sweet tooth, I never thought that I'd enjoy reading reviews of candy. However, blogger Cybele makes the experience a fun, fascinating read that's never boring. Each review is well-written and is as close to eating a candy as you can get without doing so yourself. If you like candy (and you haven't already found this blog), check it out.

-If you haven't been reading Blog Critics, you don't know what you've been missing. While I haven't personally posted anything there in a while, there have been tons of great posts that are worth reading.

An example of the type of varied content you'll find on BC is a post entitled Whatever Happened to "Stage Fright" in the Men's Room? by Mark My Words. It's a short and funny post for all those guys who'd rather just go in the bathroom and get their business done without anyone invading their personal space.

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