Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quiet Before...

Quick thoughts, updates, and so on.

-There is nothing worse than having trouble writing when you really need to write.

-My first Black History Month post will be up within the next day or so. It's a personal essay. Also, I will get some thoughts together about the passing of Coretta Scott King.

-Trigun: The First Donuts can now be added to the review queue that also includes Juelz Santana, Mariah Carey, the Kamikaze Girls OST by Yoko Kanno, and the film Crash.

-Oscar nominations have been announced which means that I will make my predictions for the third year in a row on this blog. One thing that has caught my eye is the media coverage of these nominations. It seems like the media is using the nominations as another example of the culture clash between Hollywood and mainstream America. I was watching ABC World News Now and two separate reports talked about this. Both reports had issues with them. If I can find time and energy, I may actually write a full post addressing the reports and the way the media views this year's Oscar nominations in general.

EDIT: There's really no need for me to write that post. This post from Kung Fu Monkey says what I would have liked to have said in much more interesting fashion.

-Finally, my Blog Critics post about the merger of UPN and The WB has been named an Editor's Pick. That's the second time I've received that honor since becoming a member. There's no Editor's Pick article for the week of that post yet, but I'll let you know as soon as it's up.

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