Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Positives And The Negatives Of Friday January 13th


  • The interview I had that day went well.

  • The interviewer liked my attitude and my responses to his questions.

  • If I got the position, I would actually have medical benefits and optional dental benefits.

  • If I got the position, I could even invest in a 401(k).

  • Also, the money I make could end up being a lot more than what I make currently.

  • I had to work the same day as this interview and I got there within my "grace period."


  • I was a few minutes late for the interview.

  • I would have probably been on time if I hadn't forgotten my resume as I rushed out the door.

  • My dad and I had to turn back after being very close to getting on the tollway.

  • I had to wait nearly 20 minutes before the interviewer came to interview me.

  • The position is commission, which means that my hourly rate would only be minimum wage.

  • Minimum wage would be 50 cents less an hour than what I currently make.

  • The main issue the interviewer had with me was my lack of sales experience.

  • Once the interview ended, I had little time to eat lunch and change before going to work.

  • At work, I received my first warning because my drawer was $100 short from when I was a cashier on Tuesday.

  • The warning will go in my file.

  • I realized that this happened on the one day that I wasn't around when they pulled my drawer.

  • While I have theories, I don't know how my drawer ended up being short that much money.

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