Monday, January 09, 2006

The First All Purpose Multi-Post Of 2006

Small things not worthy of big posts:

-I picked up a Mary J. Blige's new album The Breakthrough, along with The Chemical Brothers' Grammy-nominated album Push The Button, on Sunday. I reviewed The Chemical Brothers' album a while back but look for my review of The Breakthrough in a few days. Other reviews may (or may not) include albums by Mariah Carey and Juelz Santana, and some of the new midseason shows like Four Kings and Emily's Reasons Why Not.

-Now that I have a digital camera, you might be wondering if I will be posting more pictures. Well, the answer is yes. I got a new, larger-capacity memory card on Sunday as well, so I plan to take more pictures and post some of the better ones. I might even make it a monthly (or weekly) post.

-My New Year's resolutions are getting fulfilled (or broken) in full force already. I received a job offer via my online resume that might end up being better (at least monetarily) than my current job. They are supposed to contact me by Tuesday. Meanwhile, I have yet to (re)start Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, start writing anything creative (although I am in the process of having ideas), get more sleep (in fact, I've gotten less sleep lately), or get out driving. However, I have been successfully resisting the urge to spend more money than I planned.

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