Monday, December 05, 2005

Mixing The Days Away

It seems like every time I let a few days go by without blogging, I feel the need to explain my absence. Nonetheless, I'm about to do it again.

Apart from the usual excuses (work, tiredness, writer's block), something that has taken up my time is work on my Holiday Mixmania disc. I've spent days searching, ripping, and downloading so I can make that great Holiday mix. I'll give full details on my struggles once I post my songlist, but here are some things I can tell you:

-Some of the songs I am using required me to search for multiple versions.
-I had to employ some techniques I've never used before in order to get some of what I wanted.
-There are quite a few songs that I really wanted to use, but they are either hard to find or possibly out of print.
-I burned a beta version of my mix this weekend that got generally good reviews from the family. However, the discovery of more (good) Christmas CDs that I didn't know we had may make me completely rework my mix and possibly spread it out over two discs instead of one.
-I may buy some more Christmas music when I (hopefully) start my Christmas shopping this week. If I do, I will be seriously pushing the deadline for sending my mix out.

Well, that's all I'm revealing for now. I can't wait to finish this thing so I can enjoy it for the rest of the holiday season.

On another note, it looks like one of my favorite blogs to read, The Zero Boss, is closing. It was always a fun and interesting read. In fact, it was a post on that blog that introduced me to Mixmania. I don't blame him for shutting the site down. It can often be as frustrating as it is fulfilling to write a blog, especially if you have a lot on your plate. I wish him the best of luck in life.

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