Monday, December 19, 2005

Ain’t That A... (And Some Other Stuff)

-I have to work on my birthday (Christmas Eve) like I figured I would. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't have to work on that day. Before the holidays started, they gave us a holiday priority sheet. I put Thanksgiving first...and ended up working it. I put Christmas Eve second...and I'm working that too. Something tells me that I may end up working New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Easter just to make sure that the damn sheet becomes completely irrelevant.

-I received the holiday mix from my match last week. It doesn't sound too bad and our mixes share some songs (and artists).

-Even though I started early, finishing the shopping for my immediate family about a week ago, I still have more to do. In fact, I found out that we have a little more to do than expected as my cousin and his family will be visiting for Christmas. It will be nice to see him (plus the kids are the nicest you'll ever meet). Here's hoping that things will turn out good.

-Two things made me laugh a whole lot on Saturday's SNL: Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell's hilarious "Lazy Sunday" rap and the wholly un-PC Robert Smigel cartooon "Christmas Time For The Jews." I must find audio files of both of these.

-Post Fruity Pebbles with "1/2 The Sugar" are nasty. They're "sneak-up-on-you" nasty. They don't taste bad for a while...then, the aftertaste kicks in and it's strong. I usually don't mind sugar free stuff (or stuff sweetened with Splenda), but this was bad. Quite simply, cereal should either have sugar or no sugar (with no artificial sweeteners). And no matter what they tell you...Splenda doesn't taste like sugar.

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