Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Brief Thoughts About Stealth

On Saturday night, the last night my cousin from Seattle was here, we went to our family friend's house. My aunt brought a copy of Stealth and we watched it. This movie doesn't really deserve a full, in-depth review, so I will just give some brief thoughts about it. There will probably be spoilers.

-I bet that Jamie Foxx is glad that he wasn't in the movie any longer than he was. Besides, he follows in the tradition of the great Samuel L. Jackson for premature exit from a film by a black man.

-When I first saw the commercials for this movie, I thought that it would be the hilariously bad "computer gone crazy" movie. Instead, I found out that the computer doesn't really go crazy...he's just misguided. The computer plane only indirectly kills some random people (by destroying nuclear material) and only is directly responsible for one malicious killing...of you-know-who. To top it off at that, the plane was trying to complete a mission that was fictitious and had the U.S. bombing Russia. They could have at least made it China and given it a bit more suspense.

-Wentworth Miller of Prison Break was the voice of EDI in Stealth. With this and Prison Break, I wonder if he is going to get typecast playing smooth, smart, calculating characters.

-Was I the only one disturbed by the scene when the plane tried to refuel but kept getting denied? The filmmakers didn't make it the way they did on purpose...did they?

-There are a lot of leaps of logic in this film (the flaming debris couldn't have caught up with Jessica Biel in one scene), but one of the biggest comes towards the end. You mean to tell me that North Korea would only send one measly helicopter to catch a pilot from America?

-I wonder if the "private corporation" that ran the facility in Alaska was supposed to be Halliburton.

-Finally, one thing bugged me the entire movie...given how lightning and power surges screw up electronics, why didn't they put something on that damn plane to protect the computer in the first place?

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