Monday, October 10, 2005

For NBA Fans Only

With the NBA Preseason starting soon, I'm looking forward to seeing basketball again. Even though I don't mind watching the Bears lose or the Chicago White Sox in the postseason, I can't wait to see the Bulls play again. They may have lost Eddy Curry to the Knicks, but I think they still could be pretty good next season. Frankly, all I'd like them do is make the playoffs again.

My dad, sister, and I are planning to attend another Bulls game next season. It would be around my dad's birthday in February. I really enjoyed the game we attended last season against Sacramento. I hope that if we attend another game, it will be fun.

Oh, and for you other NBA fans waiting for the season to start, I encourage you to check out my sister's blog. She is currently in the middle of a series of posts called 30 Teams, 30 Predictions. She's attempting to make her predictions for all 30 NBA teams. She's going alphabetically and recently posted her thoughts about the Golden State Warriors. Take a look if you like basketball.

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