Tuesday, October 18, 2005


-My first post at ThaHipHop.com is now online. It's my review of Common's Electric Circus, which I posted here a while back. I personally think that it's one of the best reviews I've written. You can read it in its entirety (and with only minimal changes to reflect the release of Be) at this link. My review of Paul Wall's album will also likely be up at the site soon.

-Tons of reviews are in the pipeline, including what could possibly be an advance review. Copies of Twista and Sean Paul's latest are finally on their way and I just got word that Floetry's new album has shipped. My next review in the Yoko Kanno series will likely be of Wolf's Rain OST 1. I plan to buy Boards of Canada's new album tomorrow, and if I get it, I will review it. Also, I'll be reviewing another book, this one by former Def Jam executive Kevin Liles and I plan to review the DVD of Walt Disney's Cinderella when I get time to watch it.

-Finally, I am extremely happy to see the Chicago White Sox in the World Series. Being someone who grew up and still lives in the southern suburbs of Chicago, the White Sox have always been my preferred Chicago baseball team over the Cubs. I'll be rooting for them to win as I watch some of each of the games. I say "some" because I am a little paranoid to watch more than a little bit at a time. The White Sox won every game that I either didn't see or saw extremely little of. I'm not taking any chances.

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  1. I saw this girl wearing a Cubs' shirt that said "Why not us?" this morning. I had to stop myself from laughing in her face.