Monday, September 26, 2005

Why No Updates?

Well, as usual, work combined with a lack of sleep hit me hard and I didn't feel like writing any new posts. Fortunately, I have the next couple of days off, so I will be catching up on my TV watching. The reviews you'll probably see first will be of Invasion and My Name Is Earl. Plus, I got the opportunity to see Corpse Bride over the weekend, so expect that review as well as my review of Paul Wall's album this week. Also, I will (eventually) start a set of reviews of some of Yoko Kanno's work. I plan to review Sousei no Aquarion OSTs 1 and 2, the soundtrack to the film Ashura-jo no Hitomi (a non-anime film!), the first Wolf's Rain OST (since I recently got the domestic version) and the Be Human soundtrack to Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Also, if she does anything new (or I get any new domestic versions of her work), I'll review it as part of this series too. I still hope to do reviews of the Mixmania discs I received if I have time.

Thursday is the six-month anniversary of being hired at my current job. That time flew by. Speaking of anniversaries, the two-year anniversary of this blog is coming up in December. I think that I want to change the template and give the blog a fresh look. Please feel free to send me any links you have to good Blogger templates.

Also, I just realized that the one-year anniversary of my creative writing blog has come and passed. I had such high hopes for it when I started it, but now it's been neglected. I've debated officially closing it mainly because I've been too busy with work and posts for this blog to do any new creative writing. However, I have decided to keep it open, but I won't make any promises about when I'll post. Instead, I'll just post whenever I have stuff to post and make a note of it on this blog. It may be a few more months before I post again or it may be just a few weeks, but with the blog still "open," I have the option to post stuff when I want.

Yes, I am about to get back into the posting swing of things and things will be interesting...

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