Wednesday, September 14, 2005

So Far, So Good

I almost can't believe that I'm making it through The New TV Show Review Challenge. Then again, most of the new shows that have premiered have been only on FOX. It will get trickier as the other networks finally premiere more of their shows. It will get a little harder to complete reviews over the next few days because I will be working at least five days in a row beginning on Wednesday.

What reviews do I have coming up? Well, there is The WB's Supernatural, which I recorded and will watch sometime tomorrow. There is also Head Cases on FOX on Wednesday, and Twins on The WB and Threshold on CBS on Friday. Those will all get reviewed soon. Also, I've got my review of Kanye West's Late Registration and the unveiling of my Mixmania song list and the accompanying surprise coming before the end of the week. After all those new shows premiere, I may have to give myself a break.

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