Friday, September 02, 2005

Driving Mixmania: Almost...But Not Quite Yet

My disc for Mixmania probably won't get sent out until Tuesday. As it stands now, my list is finalized and I'll probably do a beta listen before I burn more copies. All told, I'll be burning four copies of this mix: One for my match, one for Jim, one for the troops, and, of course, one for myself. Then, there is the matter of the surprise. I know exactly what it will be...but I haven't started on it yet. The surprise is probably going to take the weekend to finish. Hopefully, the surprise will be well worth it for my match.

In between finishing this surprise, work, and spending time with my sister while she's home for the weekend, I plan to try and finish off my backlog of posts to write. The posts include the long-delayed short reviews of Beck and Coldplay's albums, a review of the anime series Fruits Basket, my review of Kanye West's new album Late Registration, and a review of G4's new late night block Barbed Wire Biscuit. Thank goodness no new shows (that I know of) come on in the next week.

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