Friday, August 05, 2005


It's been so hot in our house these past few days that I just simply did not feel like writing much. I had been trying to post once a day but I kind of got off that schedule.

As such, I have several posts I want to write but I haven't even so much as started them. A few reviews are on the way. I watched Hitch and Garden State recently, so I think I will do some short reviews of those films. I still plan to do that full series review of Azumanga Daioh as well as reviews of Beck's Guero and Coldplay's X & Y (I just haven't wanted to listen to that album as of late). In addition to that, I plan to do two more Yoko Kanno reviews. First is the Sousei no Aquarion (aka Genesis of Aquarion in English) OST, which she did with Hisaaki Hogari. I also plan to review Kanno's only solo non-soundtrack album, Song To Fly.

My uncle and cousin are visiting this weekend, so that should be fodder for some life posts. I also want to do a follow up post of sorts about how my family has adjusted to having On Demand. I thought about doing that soon after I did my Onscreen Guide post but I felt that I needed to spread those two out. Plus, I soon will start some new fictional works to put on my creative writing blog. I've actually given up on the serial story I wanted to do (it will haunt me until I finish it) but I have some new ideas for skits, short stories, and potentially song parodies rumbling in my head.

Now, I just wish it would cool off some so I can sit at the computer and type for 10 minutes without working up a sweat.

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