Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Summer Mixmania Mixup

Guess what, of all things, showed up in my mailbox on Monday? The Summer Mixmania discs I sent to my match, a couple of weeks ago. This wasn't a situation where it was a "Return To Sender." Someone actually packaged and sent the discs back to me at my return address letting me know that the address I sent to was wrong. Well, I e-mailed around to find out what happened and if the address I received in the first place was correct. After finding out that it was, I decided to e-mail my match to see if I could find out what happened.

It turned out that the address I got was that of her father-in-law. She used that address because she was a little wary of giving out her home address (I can understand her concern, given this age of identity theft and all). He was supposed to be on the look out for a package addressed to her blog name.

I think this will finally have a happy ending. I have her home address and I plan to ship out the discs before the end of the week, possibly as early as Wednesday before I go to work. Ultimately, I hope that not only does she get the discs, but that she gets some enjoyment out of them.

UPDATE: I did send the discs off on Wednesday before I went to work.

Meanwhile, I've started thinking about my songlist for August's Driving Mixmania (Go ahead! Sign up! There's plenty of time left!). One of the goals I have for this mix is to diversify it a bit more. I want to put a bigger variety of artists and songs I like on this mix. The very first song that popped into my head for this mix is by one of my favorite artists that did not appear on my previous Mixmania discs. As for my surprise...well, I haven't decided on it yet. I have tons upon tons of ideas for it and I have to narrow them down. I'll say this...the surprise(s) will be music-related. Also, I won't reveal the details about it until I post the Mixmania songlist. Let your minds wander...


  1. Oh, good!

    So glad you guys got that sorted out. No doubt that once TJG *finally* receives the discs, she will agree it was well worth the wait. ; )

  2. Yeah, it will be well worth the wait - that summer mix is AWESOME!!!