Thursday, August 11, 2005

Some Things...

I was in the middle of writing some posts tonight/day when I decided to just do some random surfing of the net. I found various things...

-The first thing I found out was that TCF actually put my blog on his blogroll and called it a "quality blog." Needless to say I am happy that he enjoys reading this blog. I also enjoy reading his blog so the respect is mutual.

-Next, I found out about the 2005 Black Weblog Awards, which were started to "recognize and promote Black Weblogs and Black bloggers." Voting is going on right now on the awards' website in a variety of categories. You can vote for my blog, if you like. It's eligible for "Best Writing In A Blog," "Best Entertainment Blog," "Blog Of The Year," and "Blogger Of The Year." You can't vote for yourself. I will reveal who I voted for in a later post. And remember...only the blogs have to be done by black people. Everyone regardless of color is free to vote.

-Finally, I found this very cool article at Jim Hill Media about the upcoming films from Dreamworks Animation. One note, though...the article spoils the ending of Shrek 3 and reveals the main plot point of Shrek IV. However, now that I know that plot point, I actually am kind of looking forward to a Shrek IV...even if Shrek 3 hasn't even been released yet.

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