Monday, August 08, 2005

Just When The Summer Ends So Does The Unintended Vacation

For most of the summer, I have had very few hours at work. At most, I worked two days a week and most weeks I only worked one. It was quite annoying to be without funds to do fun stuff during the summer. It got to the point that I was extremely tempted to bail and find another job where I was guaranteed to have more hours. Now, with a lot of the summer staff leaving to go back to school, I finally have more a big way.

Last week, I worked three days. I worked my usual Sunday morning shift, the only one I was scheduled for. Then, I found out that one of the lead people in my department wanted to take an evening off. I ended up taking his closing shift on Thursday, adding another five hours to my tally. Then, I was asked if I could take the closing shift of another employee on Saturday, this time in footwear, a department I've only done once or twice. My dad was off for several days for his vacation and he especially had Saturday off to attend the Morgan Park ROOTS neighborhood festival. Since he actually could pick me up, I took that shift. That added another six and a half hours (give or take) to my total for that week. All told, I worked more hours last week than what was contained on my most recent check.

On Saturday, I found out my schedule for this current week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my uncle and cousin are in town this week. However, out of all the weeks, I work four days this week. I had my usual Sunday shift yesterday and since I closed the night before, I didn't really get much sleep. Then, while I was at work on Sunday, the manager asked me to stay until 4:00 p.m. because there would be very little coverage if I couldn't do it. Even though I didn't really want to stay that long, I agreed to do it because I really needed the hours. I worked for eight and a half hours yesterday (nine including my half-hour lunch), the single longest shift I have ever worked since I've been there. I work shorter shifts on Monday (today, technically), Wednesday, and Saturday.

So, it looks like the hours are back. Part of me wishes that they came back next week, but I know I will have time to visit with my uncle and cousin this week. Besides, I really need the money. Beggars can't be choosers, right? I think I'm going to try and be a little more frugal in my spending. I still haven't gotten my broken window fixed and I want to save up for a new computer.

I'll relate some interesting experiences from work this week in another post. Meanwhile, I must get adjusted to the fact that I actually do have to go to work soon.

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