Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Well, I'm still sick after my allergies/cold/something hit me and now I'm on the worst part...I've basically lost my voice. If I talk, I can talk for only a few words before I lose it again. My voice started disappearing yesterday when I got off work. I started losing it in the car on the way back home. This isn't the first time that it's happened to me, but it's annoying because I've got to go to work tomorrow night. I've been medicating big time today. I've drank a couple of cups of tea including one with honey and lemon, I've gargled with salt and water (something my mom says works) and I've tried to stay as quiet as possible so I can rest it. I guess this is the sickness' last hurrah. In every other way, I'm a lot better than I have been. I'm not coughing nearly as much. I'm not as congested. My head doesn't ache. I don't feel chilly. My ear isn't clogged up. My throat isn't sore anymore...but my voice is nonexistent. Oh well, I will grin and bear it through this because I know my voice will come back, as fresh and flexible as ever. But I'd sure hate to miss out on work for the second time in a week. I mean, my whole job is customer service which means talking. How can I sell somebody something if I can't tell them anything about it?

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