Friday, May 27, 2005

Unintended Vacation

This week has been kind of a weird one for me. The reason? Well, I haven't worked since Sunday. Why? There are a number of reasons.

For one thing, my schedule for this week was screwed up from the beginning. This was the one week that my availability wasn't taken into account. I was originally scheduled for Sunday from 3-9, Thursday 11-3, Friday 3:30-Close (around 11 p.m.) and Saturday 11-3. I can only work until 7 p.m. on every day except Wednesday and Thursday because Dad works nights. Then, because of my workfare at the food pantry, I have to have the hours from 10-3 open on Thursday. I talked to a manager about the schedule and he got it so I could work early on Sunday. I was then still scheduled for Thursday (I planned to come in on a different day for workfare) and I would have to just not work the Friday shift.

I worked the early morning Sunday shift as planned, but then I got a call saying that because of payroll issues, hours were being cut and I didn't have to come in on Thursday. This means that I somehow ended up with Monday-Friday off, virtually the entire week. I am kind of happy to get the time off because it allowed me to sleep in. However, that sleeping in also was a negative. For much of this week, I've felt like I am wasting this precious time that I'm not working. I didn't do anything fun this week at all. No going to a movie (I saw Star Wars on Saturday). No visiting people, and no real time outside of the house. And because I slept in, I didn't get some little things I wanted to do (mainly creative writing) done. At least I get paid tomorrow and when I go pick up my check, I hope to pick up a CD and a DVD or two while I'm out. I bet money that I will end up getting a bunch of hours next week and I'll end up tired and wishing that I had this week back. I guess the grass is greener.

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