Monday, April 25, 2005


Sorry about my lack of new posts. I really don't like to go too long without a post but I've been working a lot over the past few days. I went in on my off day (Saturday) to cover for another worker because of a scheduling screwup. The guy in question was supposed to be off that day to go to a wedding but he was scheduled to come in instead. Thus, I went in for about five hours on Saturday afternoon. Then, I switched shifts with another worker because he wanted to go to a party that started one hour earlier than his shift ended. My shift ended at the time he wanted to leave so I switched with him and stayed an hour longer than originally scheduled.

But this week will be my busiest week yet. I work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Combined with my hours from Sunday (the day I stayed an extra hour), I'm about five hours shy of a full-time work week. One thing I have to work out, though, is my workfare for next week. I am scheduled to work Thursday from 3 until close (~ 11 p.m.). The problem is that my workfare duties are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Thursday. I would gladly leave early if I could but if you leave early (without authorization), it will be considered not fulfilling your duties and you will have to go two days to make up for it. Otherwise, you risk being kicked off General Assistance. I plan to call the Township to reschedule my time on Monday. If I can't reschedule the time with the Township (since I can't reschedule my work time), I will miss my Workfare duty and I may just quit the program. Since I now have a paying job, it comes before Workfare. The General Assistance people may have me stay on because my job is part time, but how do they expect people to be able to get jobs and keep them if the program is so inflexible?

In the meantime, I plan to hopefully type some "real" posts Monday night and Tuesday. I picked up RJD2's album Deadringer recently and I plan to review it. I also will probably write about my favorite blogs to read (finally) and tell of a neat way to discover both new blogs and new music that I am participating in.

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