Friday, April 01, 2005

Guest Blogger #6: MegaKawaiiAniGirl

Hihi! OMG! I’m bloggin’ on Sterl’s site! I like that South Park piccie of him. It’s so kawaii!! ^_^

I’m MegaKawaiiAniGirl or MeKaAnGi for short ;) I’m a HUGE anime fangirl. I hit up Sterl on AIM and the rest is history o_0

Anime this week has been so sad for me. They killed off Heine on Gundam Seed Destiny! I cried so much when that sword went through his mobile suit. He was soo nice! And I love T.M. Revolution’s voice! Even though Kira is the one who killed Heine-kun off, he was soo badass! When I saw Shinn and Asuran’s reactions, it confirmed for me that Kira can be an ultra-seme when he wants to be.

But the real sad thing is that...Anipuri is OVER! :cries: Yeah, the show got kind of ridiculous with the filler eps and all, but I didn’t want Seigaku’s adventures to end! I’ll miss my Fuji, Eiji, and Momo! :glomps: But I’ll especially miss my Hyoutei! No more Atobe!!! Wahhh!!! I guess Tenipuri fanfiction will have to keep me occupied. Maybe they’ll make another movie! That would kick ass!

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