Friday, April 01, 2005

Guest Blogger #5: Nutcase4America

When Sterfish asked me, a proud conservative American (who also happens to be black), to write something for his blog, I figured that he finally saw the light. If you take one look at his “Blogs I Read” section you’ll see that all of the political blogs are liberal or leftist. A La Gauche? ThatColoredFella? What’s In Scott’s Head? Typical.

Sterfish and I have been debating political topics for years. We disagree on everything. The War In Iraq. The Extent Of Racism. The Reasons Why Things Are Bad In The Inner City. The O. J. Simpson Verdict. Everything. However, there’s bad news for liberals like him...more and more blacks are becoming conservative everyday. They realize how the Democratic Party is playing them for fools and they’re no better than slavemasters in the 1800’s. On many issues, black are closer in spirit to the Republicans than the Democrats. Go to a black church and ask someone if they think gays should get married. You might be surprised by the reaction you get.

Anyway, to my ole’ buddy Sterfish I must say that you are a dying breed. The Black liberal has started to fade as racebaiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton lose significance. Not even Barack Obama can keep the Black liberal from going the way of the mammy doll.

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  1. The brevity of your guest post Nutcase, accurately exposes the lack of supportive evidence to your claims, conspicuously missing for such a boldly, ludicrous statement!

    First, to clarify your glib assumption, I consider myself a Moderate/Centrist Democrat. Meaning, I'm a social Liberal and fiscal Conservative. I'm for civil unions, but I support the Death Penalty. I'm for stricter gun laws, but I support parental notification for young woman under 18.

    We'd totally disagree over the Iraq War, but find agreement on the extent of racism and the ills of the inner city. No doubt, we'd agree on the O.J. verdict, but you'd never acknowledge exactly why Black Conservatives like you are so vilified.

    Adding you to the total, I can count on one hand the number of Black Conservative bloggers I've encountered so far. When I engage bloggers from the Right, I do not use profanity, threaten or insult them. Yet, after only two pointed posts, La Shawn Barber banned me from her blog.

    I suspect, you're no different.