Friday, March 11, 2005

Food Pantry Update

My adventures in Workfare at The Food Pantry continue. My work time has been moved to Thursday and I start and end one hour earlier than I did before. There are some pros and cons to the day change. Because the pantry is closed to the public on Thursdays, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed. Also, the day went by a lot faster. However, this came with a lot more work. The reason why the pantry is closed to the public on Thursdays is because that's the day when new shipments of food comes in. Over the course of my five hours at the pantry, three loads of food came in. First, a large load of meat, bread, and vegetables came. Then, a large load of boxed and canned goods. After that, a van was loaded with other food on two separate occasions. Only two women were working on Thursday (the people involved probably scheduled less because of the heavy lifting and such). And in a first since I've had to go there, there was a white person among the General Assistance workers. Before, the only white people at the pantry were working for the township. It goes to show that things are bad across the board for a lot of people.

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