Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so, here we go.

-How can you tell that the Cingular/AT&T Wireless merger has gone through? When your cell phone stops showing AT&T and instead shows Cingular on the display like mine finally did.

-I think that Scrubs uses guest stars better than any other show on TV. Heather Graham's stint on the show was hilarious. Now, Colin Farrell proved that he can do comedy with his guest appearance. Of course, you still have a little trouble understanding him when he talks (I turned on the closed-captioning when I watched it) but he was pretty funny. He didn't feel out of place at all. I loved when Turk and J.D. made him recite the contents of Lucky Charms to prove that he was Irish.

-Go Bulls! I'm so happy to be excited about local basketball again. I'm actually really getting into it again. It kind of shows how much I really missed basketball. I was into it during the Jordan Years and when they ended, it wasn't too long until I went to college. With limited cable available, I didn't keep up with it at all. And since the Bulls sucked, I didn't really have incentive to. I gradually got back into it last season and I loved watching the NBA Finals. Now, though, I'm about as into it as I've ever been. I'm not as much into it as my sister (who is a basketball fan to the core), but basketball is my favorite sport to watch and I genuinely root for the Bulls to win.

-On Demand update: We are still enjoying the On Demand service. Some of the "novelty" has worn off, but it's still something we have at our disposal. My mom enjoyed one of her favorite films, Deliver Us From Eva, on the service. My dad has watched The Three Stooges and taken advantage of Starz On Demand's Ultimate Bond portion. I have watched primarily anime and music videos as of late. Ultimately, we like the service and we hope that we'll get greater variety in the future.

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