Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...In Our House At Least

On Wednesday, we pulled out our Christmas decorations and put up our tree. We put up our artificial tree, the same one we've been putting up for over six years now. We got the tree from Walgreens back in the day, but we find ways to make it look pretty nice. For one thing, we put garland on it...vertically. We wrap our golden garland up and down the tree, and it helps make the tree look fuller.

This isn't the first artificial tree we've had, though. Back when I was a lot younger, we used to put a plastic tree downstairs in the basement. It was kinda small and had it's own set of yellow lights to go with it. At that time, we would buy a real Christmas tree and put it in the living room. What was especially nice about having two trees is that we had presents under both of them. The really big stuff would be downstairs (like when my sister got a Playskool Dollhouse one year) and other stuff would be upstairs.

We have a nice little assortment of ornaments we put on our tree. One of them is a Star Trek Keepsake Ornament from 1992. It's the shuttlecraft from the Enterprise and when you push a button on the bottom, Leonard Nimoy says a short Holiday phrase as Spock. We also have a black Santa Claus Keepsake ornament, a set of four golden key ornaments (one for each member of the family) and an assortment of glass ball ornaments (mostly gold and red). We also put up our wreath, a medium-sized artificial wreath with various stuff on it.

I like trimming the tree each year. We always do it close to Christmas (as opposed to doing it the day after Thanksgiving). We also leave it up until after the first of the year. None of us have bought presents yet (although my sister and I may go out sometime tomorrow), and I'm looking forward to wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree. I won't have much money to work with, but I plan to get people whatever small gifts I can.

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