Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Sterfish News Update

News Briefs of My Life At The Moment:

-I'm disappointed that Kerry lost. There are a lot of reasons why he lost, which should be obvious to left and right alike. So, I'm not going to piss and moan about it. What I will say that I hope this does for the Democrats what the Goldwater loss did for the Republicans...mobilize them to rejuvenate themselves and figure out what being a Democrat means. Republicans didn't get to where they are now by solely reacting to the Democrats. On a positive note, Go Obama! Oh, and check out the blogs of my friends JBG and Cliff for some interesting views on the election.

-One of the lingering problems in our house is fixed! Our kitchen faucet had begun to leak badly, with water leaking all the way down under the sink and drenching it. We had a guy come in and install a brand new kitchen faucet. Now, we just have to fix our toliet (and the floor under it) and the pipes under our bathroom sink and we'll be a lot better.

-I'm more than halfway through with Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. When I finish this, it will be the longest book I've finished at over 700 pages. Maybe I'll tackle Lord of The Rings again.

-One thing I failed to mentioned in my post about going to vote is that it was my sister's very first time voting. She joins the many young voters (myself included) that turned out to vote in higher numbers than the last election. Go Monie!

-Posts in the pipeline include a long one about the TV season thus far (I'll wait until the new FOX Sunday lineup premieres tomorrow) and reviews of Van Helsing and White Chicks.

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