Friday, October 15, 2004

Right In The Comfort Of Your Home

I rented some movies on Thursday. I also watched one of them with my dad, the Denzel Washington thriller Man on Fire. It was actually a pretty good movie. Denzel gives a very good, dark performance. Dakota Fanning is so good that my sister's "theory" that she's really a little person might not be so ridiculous. Christopher Walken is also good in a brief role...but then again, the world would end if Christopher Walken put in a bad performance in any movie. The scenes when Denzel exacts his revenge on the people responsible for kidnapping Dakota's character were fun. Denzel has some very good lines. The look of the movie is striking, but also borderline annoying. You will either really like the way the images on screen are manipulated and flashed or wonder if you're about to have a seizure. All in all, the movie is definitely worth a rental. The other movies I got are Super Size Me (I better eat McDonalds before I see this), Kaena: The Prophecy (CG adventure from France...hmm), Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (another Kwazy Kharlie Kaufman movie), and Saved! (quite a contrast to The Passion, isn't it?).

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