Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I Have A Job!...For Now: Part II

Well, after not working last week, I am working again. I am back in Mrs. Jackson’s office, on another “trial” basis of sorts for two weeks. If I make it through this, I may be able to get paid more than I am currently (which is no better or worse than my last days at SOFO). My first couple of days working there again were interesting to say the least.

On Monday, I got there and found out the office door was locked. I spent nearly two hours sitting and doing nothing before I went to get lunch. I returned to find Mrs. Jackson back and asking about what happened. On Tuesday, I spent all day putting books on shelves. Also, my white shirt got severely stained when the bottle of red pop I had overflowed upon opening. The atmosphere where I work is both tenser and looser than I have been in before. It’s tenser because of the quirks of working directly with Mrs. Jackson. My first day had me basically on edge and trying not to screw up (as all first days do). I am clearly the person with the least experience working in her office (not to mention the youngest and the only male). It made me think of my first job at the Thornwood High School bookstore (where I was the only black employee and one of only a handful of guys). The atmosphere is looser because of the work times. There’s really no set time for me to come in everyday, although it has to be in the morning. I could stay for as little as a few hours or over eight hours (which is what happened on Monday). I’m kind of getting adjusted to it, but I will definitely keep looking for a job that may be more permanent.

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