Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Subtle Changes

In my continuing quest to tweak my blog, I made some subtle changes. The main change is that the Archives are now a pull-down menu instead of a list. A post in the Blogger Knowledge archive shows you how to do this, and I felt that it was a good idea. I thought about also doing it with the Previous Posts, but it looked ungainly because of the long titles of some of my posts. I also changed the name of a link.

Another more important change is the "Show and Hide Posts" thing I have decided to use. I did this so the blog would load a little quicker, especially with all those long posts I do every so often. It took a little tweaking (and a little luck) to get it right without screwing up my whole template. Also, I think I am going to do the whole fanlisting thing. I like a lot of stuff, so why don't I show it? In fact, you can see a button for the ReBoot fanlisting at the bottom of the blog. I've also joined the Animaniacs fanlisting as it's probably one of my all-time favorite comedic cartoon series. I haven't put their little button up quite yet, though.

Also, in addition to the photo hosting I have via Blogger, I also signed up with Photobucket, a site that hosts images for direct linking/blogs and so on...for free. I had to do too many steps to put that ReBoot button up on the blog, so I wanted to find a service that was a little easier. The Photoblogger service is nice but really only works if you want to put a photo directly onto the blog in a post, as opposed to adding a simple link button to "your own server".

As always, leave me some comments about the changes and whether or not you think they suck.

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