Sunday, April 05, 2009

Let's Take It Back To The Early 00's

Borders is currently in the midst of a CD/DVD clearance where most of their stock is 40% off. I took this as an opportunity to buy a couple of CDs I liked that I never bought.

The first one is the first Gorillaz album. I liked the singles they came out with but I didn't hear the album until my college roommate Paul bought it. I never actually bought a copy of my own and I wouldn't actually buy a Gorillaz album until Demon Days, which I enjoyed a lot as well.

In listening to the first Gorillaz album, I forgot how long it was. It also made me realize how catchy it is. It's hip-hop infused (thanks to Dan The Automator) but it's not really hip-hop. This album and Demon Days are different but enjoyable animals.

The other CD I picked up is The White Stripes' Elephant. This is the first White Stripes album I heard in its entirety and I enjoyed it quite a bit. For some reason, though, it took all the way until Icky Thump before I actually bought one of their albums. I've wanted to pick up this album for a while but I never did. Now, I finally have it and I remember why I liked it so much. I just love hearing Jack White play the guitar.

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