Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movie Review: Eagle Eye

What if you were accused of being a terrorist and suddenly had your every move tracked and manipulated by a mysterious force? That's the premise behind the new film Eagle Eye which reunites star Shia LeBeouf with his Disturbia director D. J. Caruso. With a strong cast and tons of action, Eagle Eye is a fun, high-octane thriller...just don't think too much as you watch it.

Shia LeBeouf plays Jerry Shaw, a Chicagoan living a mundane life as a copy associate. After his twin brother Ethan (also played by LeBeouf in an uncredited role) suddenly dies, weird things start happening to him. When he goes to the ATM, more than $700,000 appears in his account. Suspicious packages arrive at his apartment including weapons, military plans, and explosives. He gets a phone call from an unknown woman telling him that the FBI is about to arrive. After he's arrested, the same mysterious voice tells him to duck a seemingly freak crane accident...one that allows him to escape.

From here, things get crazy as Jerry is guided by this voice which has the ability to use any and all forms of communication to contact and track him. However, Jerry's not the only one that this voice is instructing. Michelle Monaghan plays Rachel, a single mother who is also thrust into this situation after the voice calls her and threatens to kill her son. Jerry and Rachel meet when Rachel is unknowingly sent to pick Jerry up in a tense (and somewhat funny) scene. From there on, the two of them are at the mercy of the voice as they trek cross-country and try to avoid the FBI and other law enforcement agencies after them.

The supporting cast for this film is pretty good. Billy Bob Thornton plays Tom Morgan, the FBI agent assigned to Jerry Shaw's case. Rosario Dawson plays Agent Zoe Perez, an Air Force investigator who suspects that Jerry's brother Ethan (a member of the Air Force) may be connected to what's happening. Michael Chiklis plays the Secretary of Defense whose department may also have a role.

A lot of movies claim to have “nonstop action” but Eagle Eye can confidently make that claim. Once the action gets going, there is little room to breathe. Most of the action is pretty good such as a chase scene in the cargo handling area of an airport and a great (if not ridiculous) sequence involving cranes at a junkyard. There are times when the action is a bit exhausting and hard to follow but the pacing is pretty good.

The one major flaw of Eagle Eye is the actual plot. Once you realize who/what the voice actually is, you'll immediately be reminded of other high-tech thrillers. The reason why the voice needs Jerry specifically is pretty interesting. However, the more you think about the plot, the more it falls apart. In that respect, it's comparable to a traditional Jerry Bruckheimer movie where you just enjoy the ride.

Eagle Eye is a fun action flick, pure and simple. Shia LeBeouf and Michelle Monaghan have good chemistry and anchor the movie quite well. The performances from the supporting cast are solid across the board and the action and effects are very good. The plot may be a bit thin, but everything else makes up for it.

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  1. isn't Eagle Eye the one where Shia LaBeouf becomes Indiana Jones? dang, now i'm all confused...