Thursday, July 31, 2008

The "Initial Buy Curse" of The Spielberg Animated DVD Sets

I bought the first season of Freakazoid! on DVD yesterday and it was the victim of the "initial buy" curse that seems to plague those Steven Spielberg presents animated DVD sets I buy.

You see, I've had to exchange the first copy I bought of these sets for a new copy because of various issues.

I had to exchange the first volume of Animaniacs after buying it because one of the hubs in the packaging was broken. Then, I had to exchange both the second and third volumes of Animaniacs because of scratches on discs.

Everything seemed perfectly fine with my copy of Freakazoid! season one when I got it on Tuesday until I looked at the bottom of the box (which is a clear, slim, 2-disc DVD case) and discovered that it was broken. A noticeable chunk of plastic was missing. So, fearing an influx of dust onto the discs at a later date, I exchanged my set on Wednesday for one that's nice and normal.

I should probably mention that I bought all these sets from Best Buy. Perhaps I should go someplace else to get them next time.

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