Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What's Old Is New Again In Anime

It's been almost five years since I left NU and one of my favorite things about that time was the days I spent in NU Anime.

Two of the shows I first saw at that anime club are getting revived.

Today, ANN reported that The Slayers was getting a brand-new series with an anime-exclusive story. The Slayers was a fun show that, for whatever reason, always closed out the anime club showings. It will be interesting to see if a new Slayers show would actually be decent or somewhat disappointing (like Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki).

ANN also reported that a Trigun movie would be getting released in Japan next year, also with an anime-exclusive story. Trigun is one of those shows that I really enjoyed but not enough to buy on DVD. It was a pretty cool show and I loved the music. In some respects, it seemed to get overshadowed by Cowboy Bebop even though the two were quite different from each other.

The news of the Trigun movie really excites me. It probably won't be the most artistic anime but it should be action-packed, beautifully animated (Madhouse, who animated the show, is also doing the movie), and a lot of fun. I hope that it comes to the big screen when it comes to America.

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