Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anime Thoughts 2008

With the writers' strike still going, I've lost a bit of interest in TV. I still watch plenty, but now I'm spending more time either on the computer or watching other stuff. This “other stuff” includes anime.

I've been getting some great use out of my Sansa TakeTV to watch some anime. Here are my thoughts on the shows I'm currently watching:

Dragonaut: For some reason, I'm really enjoying this show. It's a fun action show with nice (if not exactly realistic) character designs, and a plot that should be ripe with interesting possibilities. It's not too serious for its own good and that helps it immensely. I've watched the first six eps so far and I'm looking forward to watching more.

Kimikiss Pure Rouge: Sometimes, I'm a sucker for a good romantic high school anime. I count His & Her Circumstances and Fruits Basket among my favorite shows. I guess that's why I kind of got sucked in by Kimikiss Pure Rouge. It's a cute show with great designs and likable characters. I'm only a few episodes into the show, but I like the way the relationships are so far and the potential for drama. It's also animated by J.C. Staff, a company whose work I usually enjoy.

Gundam 00: I've only watched the first couple of eps, but I like what I see. The animation is really nice and the idea of a third party trying to stop all war by using force is really intriguing. Since I've watched so little, I can't really say too much more than that.

Persona Trinity Soul: I have never played a Persona game but I do like this show so far. Video game shows usually suck but this one doesn't yet. I like the dynamic of the brothers living together and the supporting characters are okay so far (points for the guy with the afro). It's a little bit confusing for me at times since I am a complete neophyte to the Persona universe, but I'm sticking with it.

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