Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back To The 21st Century

One year ago, I was enjoying the little 1GB Sansa MP3 Player I got for Christmas. That enjoyment would be short-lived as only a couple of months later, the headphone jack on the player would short out and thus, it would be rendered useless.

Now, I return to the MP3 player game with an 8GB Creative Zen, my Christmas present from my parents.

I like the size of the player, although it's kind of weird because it's so light. Given that I'm used to the much heavier portable CD player, it's going to take a little getting used to. It's lighter than my Sansa was, for goodness' sake.

Although it took a little while, the setup was pretty easy. The only things that suck so far are the fact that you have to convert most videos to WMV for them to play (although the included software is pretty decent) and the fact that the included USB cord is only about 4 inches long. I'm probably going to buy a longer cord in the future but in the meantime I'm using the USB cord that goes with my digital camera.

I'm looking forward to keeping this player with me and I plan to buy a protective cover soon (Circuit City, the store I got the player from, didn't even stock a single accessory to go with it). Also, I probably need some smaller headphones. My Sennheisers are not leaving the house and earbuds just don't work for me.

In a side note, my sister also got an MP3 player for Christmas. It's an 8GB iPod Nano. It's funny how we're so alike yet so different sometimes. She really wanted an iPod Nano (in part because she really likes using iTunes) and I wanted something other than an iPod. In fact, almost got a Zune. If the store had it in stock, I'd be posting about that one instead.

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