Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Glimpse Into Weird Zone

Back in the post about getting my scanner, I said that I might scan some of the comics I drew and post them, although I speculated that I might have to redraw them because they were drawn in pencil on notebook paper.

Well, I tried scanning a couple without redrawing them and they came out pretty well. So, I have decided to post some of my pitiful attempts at cartooning.

I may have talked about this on my blog before, but let me tell you a bit about the origin of my comic strip Weird Zone. I started drawing Weird Zone when I was a freshman in high school. I used to enjoy reading The Far Side and after years of drawing horizontal panel strips such as the twisted family comic The Michaelson's Trap (a strip about a mischievous brother and sister pair who always fight), I decided to try a single panel strip. I don't know what I drew in the first Weird Zone, but something stuck and I kept drawing it.

I'd often draw upwards of five or more Weird Zone comics a day in my classes in high school. Since I couldn't (and still can't) draw, Weird Zone was always a challenge to my abilities. I read through some of them last night and a lot of them are extremely wordy. Many of them reflected current events and also reflected my not-so-good feelings towards high school. However, there are quite a bit I still laughed at.

Ultimately, Weird Zone is cartoony, strange, twisted, badly drawn, and kind of dark. However, I always had fun drawing it and I always did it mostly for myself. I will never become a real cartoonist, but with Weird Zone I could pretend to be.

Now, I bring you three selected Weird Zone comics written and drawn by yours truly. These three comics don't come from my high school days (those comics are in pretty bad condition for scanning). These comics come from the most recent set I did roughly two or three years ago. They were drawn in pencil on notebook paper but thankfully, the blue lines of notebook paper are too faint to show up when scanned.

Comic #1

This is the first comic of that recent set. I always thought this one was funny. If you can't read my writing, the guy is saying “Guess what? They have sunless burning now too.”

Comic #2

The rare Weird Zone comic where a character's eyes are closed.

Comic #3

Now the Far Side influence shows up. In case you can't read my chicken scratch, it says “Ahh! What a nice, relaxing bath.”

There's your glimpse into the twisted mind of Sterfish. I may scan some more comics in the future and if I draw some new ones, maybe I won't draw them on notebook paper.

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