Monday, February 26, 2007

How Did I Do?: 2007 Oscars

The big show is over and I enjoyed it. It went a bit too long but Ellen was a good host and there were some great moments. Let's tally up my picks, shall we?

Best Picture

My Pick: Babel
Winner: The Departed

Comments: I didn't really know what to pick (except Little Miss Sunshine...I didn't think that was going to win) but at least I'm glad that a good movie won.

Best Director

My Pick: Martin Scorsese
Winner: Martin Scorsese

Comments: Finally!

Best Actor

My Pick: Forest Whitaker
Winner: Forest Whitaker

Comments: Right actor, right role, right time. I'm happy he won.

Best Actress

My Pick: Helen Mirren
Winner: Helen Mirren

Comments: I would have spit out my drink if she had lost...even if I wasn't drinking anything.

Best Supporting Actor

My Pick: Eddie Murphy
Winner: Alan Arkin

Comments: Everyone around me “knew” that Eddie wouldn't win and well, they were right. Did the release of Norbit right around voting time hurt Eddie's chances? Did the rule of the Academy honoring people later than they should (Arkin has been nominated before but never won) come into play? I hope this isn't Eddie's only chance at an Oscar.

Best Supporting Actress

My Pick: Jennifer Hudson
Winner: Jennifer Hudson

Comments: Now that she's won there's one big question...what will she do next? Will she fade away or use this to launch a fruitful career?

Best Animated Feature

My Pick: Cars
Winner: Happy Feet

Comments: Color me surprised. I have to admit, though, that I enjoyed Happy Feet a bit more than Cars. I guess this means that having motion-capture in your animated film doesn't necessarily doom it.

Best Documentary Feature

My Pick: An Inconvenient Truth
Winner: An Inconvenient Truth

Comments: I enjoyed the joke referencing the rumor that Al Gore would announce his run for president on the show.

Best Visual Effects

My Pick: Pirates Of The Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Winner: Pirates Of The Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Comments: This was no contest. The effects in POTC were amazing.

Best Original Screenplay

My Pick
: Michael Arndt for Little Miss Sunshine
Winner: Michael Arndt for Little Miss Sunshine

Comments: Wow, I actually called this one.

Best Adapted Screenplay

My Pick: William Monahan for The Departed
Winner: William Monahan for The Departed

Comments: And this one too!

Best Original Song

My Pick: “Listen” from Dreamgirls
Winner: “I Need To Wake Up” from An Inconvenient Truth

Comments: I guess Dreamgirls did cancel each other out. At least the Academy didn't end up slighting Beyonce.

Final Tally: 8 out of 12 or ~66% correct

Last year I picked 10 out of 15 categories (~67%) so I did a little worse this year. Anyway, I'd like Ellen to host again. Here's to next year!

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