Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Catchup

I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas. I had a pretty good birthday and Christmas this time around. Although I had to work on my birthday, I didn't have to stay long. Once my boss got wind of it being my birthday (thanks a not-so-subtle remark by me), I got to go home early. A couple of people came by and we did the cake with candles thing. I got some nice gifts, including a couple of giftcards, the fourth Looney Tunes Golden Collection, and Ghostface Killah's new CD More Fish.

Christmas was pretty good as well. I got some new work pants (something I sorely needed), some sweat pants for lounging, and the first season of Arrested Development on DVD. However, the best gift was a SanDisk Sansa c240 MP3 Player. I've wanted an MP3 player for a little while and although I would not have minded an iPod, I really wanted something different. So far, I like my little Sansa. The FM tuner is a big draw for me because I don't have a portable radio of any kind. I spent much of Christmas morning with some headphones on and my Sansa around my neck.

Similar to Thanksgiving, we had Christmas dinner at our house this year for the first time in years (if ever). Two aunts and my uncle came over and we enjoyed ourselves. One of my aunts cooked the majority of the food and did a good job of it. She also brought over a Trivial Pursuit DVD game and we played that (although we didn't actually finish). We all cracked up as my other aunt kept trying to answer everyone's questions.

I actually had the day after Christmas off and did a little bit of shopping. I ended up picking up Snoop's new CD and Howl's Moving Castle on DVD.

After working on Wednesday, I had Thursday off and all four of us decided to go out. We went to IHOP for breakfast and proceeded to go to Barnes & Noble. I got a giftcard from there for Christmas from one of my aunts, so I went there and picked up a couple of books. We also stopped by Best Buy and got some stuff as well as the video store where we picked up a few movies.

I'm gradually getting back to normal mode after that rough patch before Christmas. I finished my latest Mixmania mix and sent it off on Wednesday. Hopefully, my match gets it in time for New Year's Eve.

Although I will likely post again before the New Year (which is when things will really get popping for the blog), I hope everybody out there has a Happy New Year and help make 2007 a better year than 2006.

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