Friday, September 08, 2006

Busy Yesterday

I am now a T-Mobile customer. Yesterday, after a day of visiting various cell phone companies, I settled upon T-Mobile. They seem to be the only company that lets you get unlimited nights and weekends for less than $49.99 a month. I got a new number and my parents and I decided that they would take my old number and use it with Cingular's cheapie, only-available-over-the-phone plan.

I also sent my 9/11 Mixmania mix to my match yesterday. It took me a while to do this mix and even then, I'm not sure if I'm fully happy with the tracks I put on there. I'm betting money that when I end up reading everyone else's track listings, I'll realize what good tracks I didn't put on mine.

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day since I also shipped my sister's computer back to HP for repairs and sent off the rebate paperwork for said computer. I helped pay for my sister's computer so I think that HP should send me double my rebate back given that it couldn't go a month before messing up.

My review of Pharrell's new album is now up at The version on the site is slightly different from what I posted on my blog and on Blog Critics. In fact, I think it's a little bit better. Thanks to Fivefold for streamlining that review a bit and posting it on his site.

I'm sorry for another one of “these” posts. Somehow, I will have something of substance to post on this blog later today. Although I'm tempted to write my glowing review of The Roots' Game Theory already (it's good, dammit!), I'll probably write something else if I can stop playing with and learning my new phone.

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