Friday, July 07, 2006

My Songs Of The Moment

Two very different songs are not too far away from my mp3 playlist at the moment. First up is The Avalanches' remix of Wolfmother's "Woman" (found here). This is one strange remix but something about it makes me like it a lot. It's so different from the original song (especially in the way it twists around the vocals) that you wonder what the original artist thinks of it. It also makes me wonder when we'll get another album from The Avalanches...

The other song is one from Yoko Kanno and it's called "Pepper Stretch". It comes from the album 23 Ji no Ongaku (Music For The 23rd Hour). This album, a collaboration between Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto, is the soundtrack for a live-action Japanese drama called Mayonaka wa Betsu no Kao (The Other Side Of Midnight) that aired on NHK. I just recently downloaded this soundtrack and I must say that it's very good. "Pepper Stretch" stands out because of its unconventional structure and good beat. The vocals (performed by Gabriela Robin) don't really make much sense (they are really part of the music instead of being really sung) but they make the song good for some reason. I think that Music For The 23rd Hour may be the next album I review for The Yoko Kanno Reviews.

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